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Public Relation Activity

Our media team is led by a former journalist who held senior management roles in two national newspapers. He ensures we produce well-written articles which enhance our clients’ profiles by telling their success stories.
We’ve worked with every type of publication and broadcast outlet in the UK, ranging from local newspapers through national press to radio and television news.
Everybody has a story to tell. We know how to unearth it and make it work to your company’s advantage and if the media turns an unwelcome spotlight on to you, we will act as a barrier to protect your interests and give you peace of mind.
Despite the seismic shift towards digital media in recent years, traditional media like newspapers, trade publications and magazines can still make an important contribution to your brand’s overall Marketing Mix. That’s because digital media in many cases cannot reach more and give you peace of mind .coverage and bring out their fans.
We’ve worked with reality TV stars from The Only Way Is Essex and Love Island and sports icons like Frank Bruno. It is impossible to compute the value of the free publicity their appearances at our events have generated. Whatever else is needed on the day will be provided by our team. This includes music, dancers and even balloons!