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Events & Brand Launches

If you are opening a new business, or launching a product, we are perfectly placed to create a tailor-made event for the big day. Quite simply, we take care of everything — before, during and after the launch.
Under our management your event will begin in advance with media engagement. This could include a brief advertising campaign in the appropriate publications or broadcast outlets and exclusive news articles written by us and placed where they will attain maximum reach.
Local councils often have obscure by-laws which govern launch or opening events. We will ensure your celebration doesn’t fall foul of them. We will design and produce marketing collateral like flyer's and posters and arrange for their distribution in relevant locations.
While all this is taking place we will launch a targeted social media campaign to promote your event. On launch day we will create a big noise at your venue. Our experience in this area is unparalleled. We know that celebrities at the scene will draw media coverage and bring out their fans.
We’ve worked with reality TV stars from The Only Way Is Essex and Love Island and sports icons like Frank Bruno. It is impossible to compute the value of the free publicity their appearances at our events have generated. Whatever else is needed on the day will be provided by our team. This includes music, dancers and even balloons!